Magic Carpets: Event Index

Welcome, Magic Carpet Riders! Whether you are a Magic Carpets virtual attendee with an Event Kit for Summer 2017, or a friend or visitor making your own kit, you will be amazed at what you can create with Hitty Bee’s special technique. If you do not have an event kit, please return to the main page for a list of supplies to make your own kit.

Whether you have a kit from Hitty Bee or make your own, please note:

Everyone Will Need:
Small, Sharp Scissors
A Yardstick or other long measuring tool
A CHILD-SIZED MUG WITH A HANDLE -or something similar in size, shape and weight that can be suspended from the floss.

Once you have your supplies assembled, you can get started!

Magic Carpets Part 1 : Twist Your Thread!

Magic Carpets Part 2 : Time to Glue!

Magic Carpets Part 3 : What Else Can You Make?

Magic Carpets Part 4 : Crazy Rug!

Magic Carpets Part 5 : The Flosses

Magic Carpets Part 6 : Hitty Bee’s Big Rug

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