Magic Carpets Part 5 : The Flosses

I went a little crazy with Embroidery Floss, once I figured out how to make these pretty carpets from multi-color and variegated threads.  I purchased Anchor Brand Embroidery Floss from India, and purchased DMC multi-colored and variegated threads locally and from Micheals on-line as individual skeins and multipacks. Those brands are easily identified by their…… Continue reading Magic Carpets Part 5 : The Flosses

2016 Hitty Annes

All the dolls on this page have been sold. Enjoy the pictures!   Hitty Anne is our Hitty Girls souvenir model for 2015/2016. Each Hitty Anne doll I’ve painted is signed and numbered. I’ve painted 16 Hitty Annes so far, and this will be all for 2016. Hitty Anne is an on-going numbered series.