How to Peg a Sara Cole Resin Doll – Part 1


Happy Summer! In this tutorial you will learn how to joint a Sara Cole resin Hitty in a traditional, tandem, wooden-pegged style.

You Will Need:

-Resin Hitty Parts
-A Wooden Dowel – 3/16-inch diameter for Full-Size Hitty
-Epoxy Glue – 1 or 5 minute setting time
-A Sharp Craft Knife –  such as X-acto or a carving knife
-A Pen or Pencil
-A non-porous, disposable surface to mix glue

You can use a dowel from a variety of different wood types, but when selecting your dowel be sure to choose one with a straight grain. If the grain is wavy, slanted or diagonal relative to the cut of the dowel, your peg will be weak or might even be too difficult to size and trim properly.

There may be other types of glue that will work for you, but I personally use and recommend epoxy, available from a variety of different brands, since I know for certain it is very strong and long-lasting. Be sure to work in a ventilated area.

Don’t be intimidated! It may look complicated, but happily all the materials you need are inexpensive and widely available in most hardware stores.

We will cut all of the pegs to the proper size and shape before we do the gluing, so Part 1 will show how to cut and fit the pegs, and Part 2 will show how to glue the doll together.

Part 1 : Cutting and Fitting the Pegs


Step 1 – Cutting and Fitting the Leg Peg
Mark off the length on the end of your peg that is long enough to pass through the body and both legs. This will vary based on the doll you are pegging. If you’re unsure it’s better to cut a little too big than too small.


Mark off a section in the center of the length that represents approximately the section that will pass through the body, and cut the length from the larger peg. Use your craft knife to trim away some of the wood on either side of the center section, where the wood will pass through the legs.


It is fine for the peg to be loose in the leg section, because this will leave a little space for the glue. But it’s important for the peg to be fitted tightly into the body section if you want your doll to be tightly pegged.


Slowly shave away at the center section, testing it frequently for fit in the body. Don’t force it too hard or you can crack the resin or get the peg stuck. When it still fits firmly but can be slid into place centered in the body, place both legs on the pegs and test the fit. Place the body and legs in a sitting position.



Step 2 – Cutting and Fitting the Body Peg
If your head is separate from the body, you will need to cut a small peg to go between the two. If your head is already connected you can skip this step.

This peg should not be closely fitted. It is in place to provide stability and support during the gluing process and in the finished doll.


When you put the head in place over the finished peg it should be short enough that it does not stick up into the arm socket, and be sure the head and body fit together flush.



Step 3 – Cutting and Fitting the Arm Peg

Mark off a length of peg that is long enough to pass through the body and both arms. Begin shaving the section down with your knife, but do not cut it away from the larger dowel yet.


Test the arm dowel in the body until it goes into the proper position but still fits very firmly, and then cut it away from the full dowel. Trim either end of arm peg so it fits loosely into the arm socket.

Now we have all of our pegs. Time to glue!