Doll Painting 2 – Hitty Anne

Welcome to Hitty Bee’s Classroom! In Doll Painting 2 with Hitty Anne I will show you how to paint simple, classic Hitty Doll features on a Hitty Anne resin model.

This tutorial will focus on pictures, so you might like to read Doll Painting 1 for more painting tips and Hitty Bee’s Paints and Supplies to learn exactly what paints, tools, and supplies I use.


1: Blue: Begin by painting Hitty’s Iris.  This Hitty will not have sclera, or whites of the eyes. This will give her a more old-fashioned look.


2: Black: Paint Hitty’s Pupils. Remember to paint them so they touch the top of the iris.

Lips and Face

3: Pink: Add lip color made from diluted pink or peach.  Thin the same color further to blush the cheeks.

Brown Shading and Eyelines

4: Brown: Use a very thin brown to shade the lip line and below the bottom lip.  Use the same brown, a little darker for eyelines and eyebrows, and perhaps the corners of the mouth.  This Hitty does not have an eyelid line. You could stop now, for a simple, traditional, and elegant look.

Black Eyebrows and Ring around Iris, White Sparkles

5: Black and a little White: I used black to add definition to Hitty’s eyebrows, and to make a dark ring around her iris. Then I added a couple of glints in her eyes.


6: Black:  I painted around the hairline, then filled in the back. Last, I added forehead curls and varnished.

Forehead Curls

What sorts of adventures does the future hold for Hitty?